Will you make a website with me?

yes no

Let's think about making websites as an irl social activity. It's simple. We meet and create a website together for an hour or so. It shouldn't take much time and we won't over think it. It's more about the shared energy of working together and meeting new people. Whatever we make will be published here.

How does it work?
We meet at a coffee shop, library, or anywhere with or without wifi. We jam for an hour or so.
Do I need to know how to make a website?
No, I can do most of the HTML if that's how it works out.
Are there limitations to what we use to code?
Yes, let's keep it simple (just HTML and CSS).
Can we do this virtually?
No, sorry. Let's vibe on the energy of working together in the same space.
Where are you located?
Today I am in Amsterdam. Tomorrow I might be somewhere else.
What will we make?
It's up to us. You don't need to come with any ideas. It's probably better if you don't have expectations.
Where will we host the website?
On this very website.
a website, similar to life